Mobilise, Modernise & Measure

Legacy is not a dirty word.

Many businesses run, what are often called, “legacy” systems. Despite these systems sometimes being derided, they are often functionally rich, incredibly robust and the very heart of a business. However, in today’s Modern world, the challenge is to unchain this functionality from desks, Mobilise workforces, integrate between varying systems and of course operate in the ever-increasingly connected world of B2B and B2C environments.

Equally important, is the need to make the valuable transactional data within these legacy systems easily accessible and presented in a simple way, enabling it to be used to support “true” business Measurement and knowledge-based strategic decision-making.

Unchain your teams

Utilising Rocket® Mobile, BizOpt delivers enterprise mobile applications for customers who rely on the IBM® i system.

Rocket Mobile solutions make it easy for enterprise users to leave proven applications in place on IBM i and rapidly repurpose them into new managed (and secure) mobile applications.

Built-in security management provides a single point of connection, so your enterprise systems are not exposed to access by mobile devices. Rocket Mobile's role-based access controls let you specify who can see specific data, which is encrypted both on the mobile device and in motion. If a device is lost or stolen, Rocket Mobile lets you erase the data on the device upon revocation of access.

Measure & Share:
Turn data into strategic goals

Many companies operate on 'gut-feel', spreadsheets & assumptions when making decisions that could determine their very survival.

However, Rocket® Discover is a self-service data preparation, visualization, and collaboration tool that helps businesses gain deeper insights from all their enterprise data—including data from IBMi®, mainframe and IBM® Cognos TM1 systems, and MultiValue databases, as well as incorporating 'off-line' data.

Our end-to-end user experience speeds and simplifies data gathering and analysis so you can make more effective business decisions – faster, reducing data prep time by 50 - 70% while driving faster time to insight and lowering IT cost. 

Modernise & Innovate:
Web, Web Services, B2B & B2C

Rocket LegaSuite® solutions empower you to modernize all aspects of your mainframe, IBM® i, UNIX, and Microsoft® 

Windows® client/server applications, repurposing and extending them to any web or mobile device using standards-based APIs for improved workflow and increased operational efficiency.

This modernization approach transforms proven back-end applications into web services. REST APIs allow you to easily share critical enterprise information with any enterprise client—including web applications, mobile applications, and BPM software.

You can also tie any enterprise, desktop, or web application into your new HTML5 Web application using standards-based APIs.

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