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Saving an iconic community asset

Acting in a purely volunteer capacity, David Brimacombe (BizOpt Managing Director & Chief Strategy Officer) worked with a local RSL Sub Branch that was in dire trouble.

David's passion for this important community institution saw him help form a turnaround team  (including a few others on the RSL committee) that essentially rebuilt the operations from the ground up.


Whilst this was a daunting task, and many uncomfortable decisions had to be made to secure the Sub Branch's survival, however the results were nothing short of astonishing.

In fact, this business saw it's financial position change from a $178k loss to a $3k profit in only 12 Months!

The fresh operations were handed back to the Committee and the Sub Branch continues to trade today, ensuring the doors stay open, not only for the general community, but those in need of the important welfare services & welcoming atmosphere it provides.

RSL's are not just about old men. They are important welfare hubs for young & old, including veteran's families

Want some of this?

Whilst your business may not be in such a bad way, if you'd like to know more about how BizOpt can help improve your bottom-line, give us a call today.

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