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Specialties - People, Process & Empowerment

IBM Midrange/IBM i:

The BizOpt team has over 100 years combined experience working on the IBM Midrange platform, so there's not much our team doesn't know. We've combined that high-level expertise with robust practical business experience to deliver first-rate business outcomes for our customers in this ever-changing world. 


ASW / IBS Enterprise / DC1 ERP:
Vendor independent, but still the largest ASW / IBS Enterprise services provider in the country! 

Reflecting our ongoing commitment to deliver uncompromising service to the ASW / IBSE community, BizOpt are proud to confirm we are still the largest group of experienced ASW / IBS Enterprise business, application and technical consultants in Australia. 

ERP & WMS Specialists:

In addition to our specialties, the team at BizOpt have experience with a range of different systems, with our focus being on the business needs first, where it should be. The particular 'brand' of software, whilst important to some degree, in our opinion a secondary consideration.

In fact, being ERP vendor independent assures you of total objectivity when conducting systems & process reviews. So regardless of your systems, BizOpt can provide unbiased advice.

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IBM Midrange Specialists

BizOpt have been operating in the IBM Midrange space for decades. So "yes", we've been around, and we're proud to say we know our stuff. We've seen huge advances in technology, and we've made it our business to be a part it.


Although we are obviously exposed to, and work with a number of different technologies and platforms these days, we are very passionate about the IBM Power Systems/i Series & IBM i.

BizOpt is a proud IBM PartnerWorld member.

Change is constant

A great deal can change since you rolled out your IT systems - both within your business, and in the world around you.


These often subtle changes that evolve over time can add significant costs to the running of your business, let alone constrain you, and rob you of significant opportunities that lay there for the taking.


Let BizOpt help you embark on a journey of discovery, and develop a plan to get your business back on track and performing at its peak. 

Efficiency is not luxury!

Since Day one BizOpt has been all about the importance of process optimisation & positioning for growth.

Staggeringly, we sometimes hear

businesses say they are "too busy" to take on such projects. But isn't that a clear sign there is a real need to become more efficient?

Given the COVID-19 challenges, what business can afford to be complacent? For many this is now a matter of business survival. Also, imagine the competitive advantage of being first to jump out of the blocks post virus.

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