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  • David Brimacombe

Warehouse throughput increased by 50%

Abey Australia Pty Ltd is a manufacturer and importer of building products, plumbing hardware and bathroom & kitchen furniture.

Following many consecutive years of considerable growth, the largely manual warehouse operations were beginning to struggle to keep pace. So the time had come to review the operations. And these days it’s a vastly different place.

With not only a WMS (warehouse management system), but also a simple conveyor system with integrated packing stations, Abey were well on the way. This has been complimented by R/F deployment providing real-time inventory movements based on intelligent suggestion logic. So, how are things today?

A previous record for order lines picked per day surpassed by 50%! The Abey journey continues, so we expect to provide further updates regarding their continuing successes.

BizOpt would like to congratulate Abey Australia for their courage in taking up this challenge, and for remaining open to, and bold enough to try, new ideas.

Warehouse Man scanning - 123.jpg
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