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  • David Brimacombe

Efficiency Programs are no longer a luxury

If there is one thing businesses should have learnt from the recent COVID-19 challenge is that they need to be resilient - and able to take some serious hits to revenue. This could be due to lack of customer demand, or restrictions with regards to how they can operate.

Over the years it has been staggering to see how some companies defer, or even choose to ignore, projects that have clearly tangible benefits. Why? Good question...

At times it seems as though they are so caught up in the 'day-to-day', they just don't see the need, or feel they don't have the time. Our thoughts are simple, how can you afford to 'not' find the time? Finding opportunity (buckets of money) lying around the business is not only 'money for jam', it also helps provide a buffer to help weather unexpected storms.

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