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  • David Brimacombe

We must be doing something right!

Last week we received a call from a long-term client, but it wasn't your average call.

It wasn't a call for assistance, nor was it a complaint. Rather it was a simple "thank-you".

Given we are genuinely passionate about what we do, normally our greatest satisfaction is seeing the benefits materialise for our clients. But to receive a phone call of thanks was very special indeed. Especially considering it related to a project we completed 5 years ago!

Apparently the business continues to reap the benefits of a Logistics Operations review and optimisation program we conducted for them. Incredibly the business is also continuing to act on recommendations we made back then - highlighting further opportunities.

In their words, "It's incredible. It's like you were a fortune-teller". They were referring to some future recommendations we made back in 2015. Although they may seemed a bit unimportant (or possible overwhelming) at the time, recent events have put a spotlight on a few key areas of the business. And guess what? Yep, our earlier recommended strategy has been dusted off, providing them with a clear plan of action.

These efficiency initiatives have also made their business much more resilient to the current economic challenges resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. So we though we'd share this good news story.

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